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La Valle Siciliana innevata

Itinerari nella Valle Siciliana

Escursioni, percorsi e sentieri nella Valle Siciliana


Pizzo di Moscio

From Ceppo to Cortino

From the hostel of Ceppo, of 1330 m. high , follow the path “of lumberjacks” and earns share witnessing t the radical change of the  flora. Passing off ...

La catena della Laga

From Leofara to Ceppo

From the mountain village of Leofara (1074 m. – Valle Castellana ), you take an ancient trail used in Roman times as a shortcut of the Via Salaria. Immersed  ...

La catena della Laga

From Monte Fanum to Leofara

From Monte Fanum (m. 960), an ancient Italic necropolis, the path leads into the heart of  the “Monti della Laga”, near the small and picturesque village ...

Pietracamela e Pizzo Intermesoli

From Pietracamela to Rigopiano

It is one of the paths included in the 300 km. of the Bridle way of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. From the village of Pietracamela , climb the unsurfaced ...

I Monti Gemelli

Riding through the Twin Mounts

This excursion ranges in the area of the Mount of Campli, horseshoe shaped and divided in two separate blocks: the Monticchio overlooking the town of Battaglia ...

A cavallo sul Gran Sasso

The ride of the Gran Sasso

Starting from the Multipurpose Tourist  Centre “Sella del Gigante” in Tossicia, walk towards the small village of Pastino. Following the path you arrive  ...


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