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From Val Vomano to the Gran Sasso

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Our trip starts in Montorio al Vomano, a true “showcase” for the wonderful panoramas of the Teramo hinterlands. In the beautiful historic centre one can see precious medieval buildings like Palazzo Marchesale, the Collegiata di San Rocco from the 1500’s and the Chiesa degli Zoccolanti (1755).

Once you’re past this town, we’re already in the National Park. At this point you have two choices. One itinerary will bring you to the peaks of the “Sleeping Giant”, the Gran Sasso d’Italia. This mountain has splendid countrysides immersed in pristine nature and it’s thousands of trails seem to snake around steep hills, crystal clear water falls and wonderful glacier valleys (especially the Calderone, Europe’s southernmost glacier). Along the road you cannot be but enthralled by the beautiful mountain hamlet of Pietracamela, the “rocky village” nominated “hamlet of the year” in 2007 thanks to a fantastic historic centre made unique by the presence of unique rock houses, small and narrow roads and by the presence of it’s roman style churches.

A second itinerary brings you, by following the State road SS 80, better known as the Park’s Main road, to the Monti della Laga. Here, between rich forests and green high plains you can discover the hidden and mysterious appeal, the folklore and traditions of all the little mountain villages that cover this “piece of Abruzzo”.
Among the many attractions we wish to point out Senarica, an ancient medieval republic, Poggio Umbricchio, built right out of the rock and near Crognaleto, the Chiesa della Madonna della Tibia, perched high on a rock spear which is home to a wooden statue of the XI century.

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