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From Campli to Val Vibrata

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Our itinerary, to be completed in one day and by car, starts in the splendid city of Campli and continues along the Vibrata valley, giving us a beautiful view of the main villages of this hilly area of the Teramo surroundings.

It starts from the cittadina farnese and the many areas of historic and cultural interest that one can admire: from the medieval and renaissance buildings that decorate the historic centre (above all there's Palazzo Farnese in the main square) to the ex Cathedral of Santa Maria in Platea (14th century), from the Chiesa di San Francesco with built in convent (which is home to the Archaeological museum) to the 15th century Convent of San Bernardino, and finally we end with the breathtaking view of the Scala Santa, called so from 1772 when it became tradition to give a complete church pardon to those who would climb the 28 hardwood stairs on their knees and with head bowed.

From Campli, by means of the Provincial road 262 and the State Road SS 81 (in direction of Ascoli Piceno), move on to the nearby Civitella del Tronto, part of the exclusive club of “Italy's most beautiful hamlets” in 2008. The Fortress-City gives a wonderful view of the Vibrata and Salinello valleys thanks to it’s unique position. The city’s symbol is the Bourbon Fortress, last stronghold of the Bourbons before Italy’s unification. It’s a true military engineer’s masterpiece with its 25.000 square meters making it the largest in Europe.

In the city’s historic centre it’s worthwhile also to have a look at the Chiesa di San Francesco, the 13th century Chiesa di San Lorenzo with the Crypt of Beata Angiolina, the Palazzo di Conte de’ Termes and, close by, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Lumi and the Benedictine Abbey di Montesanto.

From Civitella descend towards the sea and you’ll cross the Val Vibrata, rich with artistic curiosities just waiting to be discovered. A few we can mention: the Chiesa di Santa Maria a Vico (near Sant’Omero), a pre-Roman church built on the remains of a temple dedicated to Hercules; the remains of the ancient hamlet of Fara one (Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata) and the Museum of Civiltà Contadina in Controguerra. And in the end, we have Torano and Colonnella, where you can taste the best wines of the valley or shop in the numerous leather and clothing stores, the pride of the province's economy.

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