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From the Coast to Ancient Interamnia

From the sea to the hinterland… an itinerary of art and culture in the Teramo province.

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Atri-Il Teatro
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The itinerary we suggest is quite long and should be completed calmly in at least 2 days and with a car. Start off from the beautiful city of Atri, right on the Adriatic coast. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, in Piazza Duomo, is one of the most important examples of the Gothic style in Abruzzo. In the same piazza, you’ll see the porticoes with rounded arches of Palazzo Mambelli and, more to the south, the Palazzo vescovile and the Seminario, both belonging to the late 1500’s. You can conclude your visit in this wonderful little city with a visit to the majestic Palazzo degli Acquaviva (nowadays City Hall), built in stone in the 1300’s and restored in the 1700’s and also you can visit the Teatro Comunale of the 1800’s, often called “bomboniera” because of it’s size (300 seats) and the unique acoustics. 

From Atri, descend towards the sea by means of the provincial road SP 553 and after a brief stop in Silvi, continue on our route accompanied by the marvelous hilly countryside that brushes up against the Adriatic coast.

Once you arrive on the state road SS 16, proceed north. Near Pineto you’ll see the Torre di Cerrano of the 1500’s; a majestically fortified tower, built to defend the coast from the Slavic and Saracen incursions. Today the tower is a modern Center for Marine Biology and home to the headquarters of the near protected marine area “Torre del Cerrano”.

Continue along the SS 16 and you’ll reach Roseto degli Abruzzi where we suggest a visit to Montepagano, a quaint medieval hamlet in the hills. Here you can find one of the most interesting Ethno-anthropological museums in our province.

Going back north along the coastline you’ll come across Giulianova. The city’s historic center is one of rare beauty with it’s renaissance Duomo of San Flaviano that dominates the entire city and the amazing Sanctuary of la Madonna dello Splendore; an area of popular worship where every year the population celebrates the apparition of the Virgin Mary to a humble farmer that happened according to tradition in 1557.

Leaving the seaside now, move towards the mainland (towards Teramo). The state road SS 15 and the provincial road SP 262 will bring you to the hamlets of Montone (home to the Saracen tower and sarcophagus of the medieval warrior Bucciarello da Montone) and Mosciano Sant’Angelo, also called “the town of towers” because of the presence of important medieval fortifications. (For those interested in astronomy we suggest a “nighttime” visit to the Astronomical Observatory of Colle Leone).

From Mosciano, using the Teramo-Mare highway, you can easily reach Teramo, called Interamnia in ancient times, with it’s Duomo (1158 a.d.), it’s roman Theatre and Amphitheatre ruins, it’s Archeological Museum and it’s Civic art gallery. A matter of interest is also the Archaeological walk in the historic centre, where one can see the pre-Roman church of Sant’Anna and the mosaic of the Domus del Leone.

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