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Montorio al Vomano

Montorio stands at the gate of the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga and can be considered as a “showcase” of the marvellous landscapes that characterise the inland of the Province of Teramo.

However Montorio has also its own important history and culture as well as a valuable historical centre including suggestive corners, precious mediaeval palaces and monuments of great artistic value.

Starting from the ancient market place, today Piazza Orsini, the visitor will find the 16th-century  Collegiata di San Rocco. Inside are 4 monumental painted and gilded wooden altars (17th and 18th century) and two precious paintings dating back to 1530 and 1607: the former  represents The Resurrection, the latter The Last Supper.

Remaining on piazza Orsini we find the Palazzo marchesale Camponeschi-Carafa with a portal and remains of frescos dating back to 1500.

Further, via del Forte leads to the top of a hill where the ruins of the Forte San Carlo still stand; this bastion was built in 1686 to suppress the incursions of brigands but was never completed.

Be sure also to visit the Church of Sant'Antonio (15th century), the Church degli Zoccolanti (1755), the 16th-century convent of the Cappuccini and the adjoining cloister, and the small Church of the Madonna del Ponte.

In the surroundings, the remains of an extremely rare temple dedicated to Hercules can be admired along the Vomano river while further interesting monuments can be found in the other hamlets that belong to the Municipality of Montorio: The Church of Santa Maria in Villa Brozzi, the  house where the 18th-century philosopher and economist Melchiore Delfico was born in Legnano, the abbey of San Sabastiano in Collevecchio and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della “Sgrima”, near Schiaviano.

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