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Tacchino alla canzanese

Tacchino alla canzanese Tacchino alla canzanese 
Ingredients for 6 servings
Ingredient's name Quantity
6 kg.
1 branch
bay leaves
3 leaves
salt and pepper
to taste

This pleasant and delicate dish could rise to symbol of the Teramo gastronomy, as it had the honour of being among the food supplies carried on the first expedition to the moon and to have been ordered by Armstrong because of its nutritional values, its tastiness and long conservation

  • Directions:

Bone the turkey (remove only the intestines and gizzard); mind thoroughly cleaning the tail.

Soak the lean part of the meat in cold water for at least 2 hours.

Remove it from the water and lay it on a clean cloth, salt and pepper it moderately and add the bay leaves.

Cut a garlic clove into pieces, rub it on the turkey and add other two bay leaves and the rosemary.

Close and sew the edges with a needle and some thread in order to prevent it from decomposing during the cooking.

Pour a pot of boiling water on the meat after having placed it into a casserole (possibly enamelled)

Toss in the bones after having crushed them (remember that in order to obtain a good aspic it is necessary to add the bones or nerves of a veal's knee).

Bake in oven for about 5 hours without stirring often so that the turkey and the bones take a golden colour.

Once cooking is finished, place he turkey in a dish and remove the thread.

Strain the sauce remaining in the cooking casserole, skim it and let it cool with the meat until it is firm.


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