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Appetizers and side dishes

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Pesce dell'Adriatico

Antipasto alla giuliese

Traditional fish antipasto of the Giulianova cooking tradition
Directions: Boil separately the prawns, the squids, the clams and the soles. Dress with ...

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Antipasto di fegatini

Antipasto di fegatini

Traditional meat antipasto recipe from the Teramo territory
Directions: Cut the livers in small size pieces. Fry onions (previously cut into slices ...

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Fuje Strascinite

Fuje strascinite

    Directions   Wash the savoy cabbage carefully and throw away the darker leaves. Fry the garlic in a large pan. Cut the white cabbage ...

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Patate 'mporchettate

Directions Cut potatoes into big size pieces. Toss them in an oven dish with the mixed pork underbelly (or lard), garlic, bay leaves and rosemary seasoned ...

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