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Appetizers and side dishes

Fish of the Adriatic sea

Antipasto alla giuliese

Traditional fish antipasto of the Giulianova cooking tradition
Directions: Boil separately the prawns, the squids, the clams and the soles. Dress with ...

Antipasto di fegatini

Antipasto di fegatini

Traditional meat antipasto recipe from the Teramo territory
Directions: Cut the livers in small size pieces. Fry onions (previously cut into slices ...

Fuje Strascinite

Fuje strascinite

    Directions   Wash the savoy cabbage carefully and throw away the darker leaves. Fry the garlic in a large pan. Cut the white cabbage ...

Patate 'mporchettate

Directions Cut potatoes into big size pieces. Toss them in an oven dish with the mixed pork underbelly (or lard), garlic, bay leaves and rosemary seasoned ...

Main courses

'ndocca 'ndocca

'Ndocca 'ndocca

This recipe is typical within the province of Teramo and is prepared with all the less valued parts of the pork (ears, snout, feet, tail, chops, rind, tongue and ...

Baccalà di Natale

This tasty fish dish is traditionally served on Christmas Eve
Directions: Start soaking pieces of dried salt-cured cod three days before and change ...

Adriatic Fish

Brodetto alla giuliese

This traditional dish from the surroundings of Giulianova is enhanced by the uniqueness and tastiness of the Adriatic fish.
Directions: Pour oil into a large ...

Cacio e ovo

Cacio e ovo

This typical lamb meat dish from the Teramo surroundings is traditionally served at Easter time.
Directions: Brown the lamb meat in oil on a low flame and ...

Capra alla neretese

This delicious main course meat dish is among the most representative within the territory of Nereto and roots in the thousand-year practice of shepherding.

La porchetta

Within the territory of Teramo, this tasty meat dish does not only represent a great tradition but also an ancient art, in fact it is already mentioned in the year ...

La Tiella

This vegetarian dish dates back to the late 1700, when some new vegetable varieties were imported from America and penetrated into Abruzzo also
Directions: ...


Mazzarelle teramane

The mazzarelle are assorted parts of the lamb's inside rolled into salad leaves and is a typical dish from the Province of Teramo
Directions: Open the ...

Stocco alla corropolese

This tasty cod dish is typical of the Vibrata Valley and in particular of Corropoli
Directions: Soak the dried salted cod in water for about 4-5 days. ...

Tacchino alla canzanese

Tacchino alla canzanese

This pleasant and delicate dish could rise to symbol of the Teramo gastronomy, as it had the honour of being among the food supplies carried on the first expedition ...

First courses

Cardone in brodo

Within the Teramo territory, this broth which is traditionally served as first course on Christmas day.
Directions: Slightly boil the diced cardoons. Prepare ...

Ceppe al sugo


Macaronis with ceppe (locally called "i makkarù nghe li cèpp") are so called because they are “bucatini”(a particular size of pasta) hand made rolling each  ...


I Cannelloni

A delicious first course of the Teramo cooking tradition
Directions: Pour the flour into a fountain and add 4 whole eggs and water depending on desired ...

Le virtù

Le Virtù

Without a doubt, this is the most radicated teramana recipe in the local tradition. Its origins go back througout the centuries. “The dish, made up of legumes, ...

Maccheroni alla chitarra

Maccheroni alla chitarra

Within the territory of Teramo this dish is the first course par excellence. The name “chitarra” comes from the instrument which is used to cut out the dough into ...


Minestrone alla Torricellese

A tasty minestrone characteristic of the Torricella (TE) cooking tradition.
Directions: Soak beans in water the evening before and the next day. Boil ...

Pappicci al pomodoro

Pappicci al pomodoro

A characteristic “poor” dish from the Province of Teramo. Interesting is the fact that it was once fed to women during puerperium
Directions: Pour the flour ...

Ravioli dolci di ricotta

Ravioli dolci di ricotta

This dish is typical of the province of Teramo and traditionally served during Carnival week
Directions: Pour the flour and give it a fountain shape, break ...

Scrippelle 'mbusse

Scrippelle 'mbusse

The scripelle are a kind of thin “crepe” prepared with flour, eggs and water. The “mbussa” version, dipped in broth that is, is a typical recipe of the Teramo territory. ...

Spaghetti alla giuliese

A delicious typical dish from the Giulianova surroundings enhanced by the quality of local fresh fish.
Directions: Wash the clams carefully. Toss ...


Timballo di scrippelle

An elaborated and tasty first course, a must of the Teramo cooking tradition.
Directions Lay the scripelle in an oven dish (that can be oiled or ...




This delicious short pastry is mentioned under "buccunotte" in Domenico Bielli's “ dialect dictionary “Vocabolario abruzzese” (1930).
Directions Prepare ...



The Caggionetti ("caggiunitt" in local dialect) count among the most appreciated local sweets; they are typical of Christmas time.
Directions Shell the ...

Pan Ducale

A typical cake from the historical locality of Atri (TE). Mince almonds. Whip white of eggs. Separately mix yolks with sugar and add semolina slowly (with ...



These tasty biscuits are typical of the Province of Teramo and in some way recall the mediaeval “pan pepato” (peppered bread)
Directions Mix the honey ...

Pizza di Pasqua

Pizza di Pasqua

It is the Easter sweet par excellence and is appreciated for the simplicity and quality of the ingredients used. Pour the flour on a wooden slab and shape ...

Pizza di Pasqua (o Pizza cola)

It is the Easter sweet par excellence and is appreciated for the simplicity and quality of the ingredients used.
Pour the flour on a wooden slab and shape it into ...

Sassi d'Abruzzo

This toasted almond sweet is typical of the Province of Teramo and of the towns of the Vibrata valley; they are also known as mandorle “atterrate”.



Like the pepatelli and the caggionetti, this is a typical Christmas time sweet
Directions After having mixed the jam with the rest of the ingredients ...

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