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Mountain Biking

The uplands of the transhumance

Roadster route

Difficolta' Quota massima
Alta 1250 m. (Piano Roseto) m.
Sviluppo Durata
65900 m. 04:00:00
Salita1244 m. m.
CiclabilitàTipo di fondo
goodasphalt road in fair condition
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From Teramo follow the State road SS. 80 in direction of Montorio al Vomano on an uphill stretch of about 800m than turn left towards Frondarola.

Again on the left, follow the old and quiet state road. The road starts going downhill at the intersection for Rocciano. You will pass by a roadman's house with a fountain. After a short uphill stretch of about 500 m you will arrive at the intersection for Collevecchio. Than again the state road which nose dives all the way down to Montorio al Vomano, a real showcase of the natural and cultural beauties of the Teramo mountains as well as starting point for several years now of the amateur cycle race “Giro del Gran Sasso”. 

Continue uphill towards San Giorgio in the community of Crognaleto and enjoy the panorama over the chain of the Gran Sasso (those equipped with mountain bikes can reach San Giorgio following the sheep tracks from Frondarola or from Faceto). You will by then be surrounded by landscapes once travelled by sheep herds in the summer time. Going a little further uphill you will pass by Rocca Roseto, a historic fortification  built to watch over the strategic passageway between Rome and the Adriatic. Just a little further up you will find the prairies of Piano Roseto one of the main stops on the old sheep track Tratturo della Doganella d'Abruzzo, which led from Rocca Roseto to Frisa. In the marvellous setting of the overhanging chain of the Laga these alpine landscapes overlooking the Adriatic sea are still home to many sheep and goat herds.

To head back down take the direction of Cortino, the road rolls out into a winding route flanking the geological stratifications of marl and sandstone which constitute the Laga.
A little further, after Fonte Palumbo stands the suburb of Pagliaroli, where excavations performed next to the church of San Salvatore in 1997 have allowed to dig up the rests of an important temple dating back to the 3rd -2nd century b.C. as well as unique painted terracotta shards from the temple's facade. Stop and refresh at the fountain or at the bar before riding back down to Teramo, first through Cunetta, than you will pass by Valle San Giovanni and further through Travazzano and Tordinia to finish your route in Teramo.

  • Itinerary: Teramo, Frondarola, Montorio al Vomano, Villa Vallucci, Schiaviano, San Giorgio, Piano Roseto, Cortino, Comignano, Fonte Palumbo, Pagliaroli, Cunetta, intersection for Valle San Giovanni, Travazzano, Villa Tordinia, Teramo

  • Technical information by Lucio De Marcellis, Gianluigi Camillini e Vittorio Crocetti.

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