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Canzano, famous in the whole world for its tasty “tacchino alla canzanese” turkey recipe, is a joyful town rising on the top of a hill over the Vomano valley.

The findings of a necropolis (7th-6th century B.C.) and of the remains of Roman villas, testify of very ancient origins. In the Middle-Ages Canzano was an important fortified centre. Today the ruins of the Torre Circolare, dating back to the 16th century that once flanked the town walls are still visible.

The historical centre is characterised by extremely suggestive series of  natural caves  (grotte) that stretch across the town: these “cold stores” ante litteram were used to collect rain water and to preserve foodstuffs.

According to a popular belief, the Baroque church of the Madonna dell'Alno, that rises on the hill of  Colle Castellano, was erected after that the Madonna had appeared three times to a peasant. In its inside, a series of decorations, frescos and stuccoes illustrate these miraculous events while the small church “del perdono” stands on the spot where the Virgin Mary would have first appeared.

The Church of San Biagio with its terracotta bell tower and the Roman art style Church of San Salvatore are worth visiting. The latter has been embellished in its inside by a series of frescos attributed to the Master of Offida and the portal jamb bears symbolic illustrations of the four evangelists.

In addition to its great historical-cultural heritage Canzano is famous for the production of hand-made laces; over centuries this tradition has been passed on with great passion and patience by the women of Canzano. Every year during the month of July an important exhibition of the most beautiful “works” is organised in honour of this “women's” art.

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