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St Lorenzo’s Church

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The parish dedicated to the patron Saint Lorenzo Martyr was built in a spot known today as Largo Vinciguerra. In 1557 it became a rampart during the attacks of the French-papal troops. Afterwards it was rebuilt but this time inside the town’s walls, by the gate of Porta Napoli.

The church’s structure and design was further modified in 1700 to follow the Baroque style.

The simple and elegant portal of Late Renaissance style takes you to the interior where there is just one nave and two lateral chapels (introduced with the works of the 1500) to form a transept crowned by a dome. The bell tower fits between the transept’s arm and the apse of the presbytery.

Among the artworks preserved inside there are seventeenth-century canvases such as the three by Luca, Francesco and Barbara Ragazzini. These artists from Ravenna painted The Baptism of Christ, the Annunciation and Madonna with Rosary. Also, there is a pipe organ and a choir of 1700 set above the Porta Maggiore, wooden stalls and the statue of Saint Ubaldo holding Civitella in his hands.

Cesare Zunica, a citizen of Civitella, frescoed the church in 1945. 

Teramo Turismo

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