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Teramo Turismo

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St Domenico’s Church – Teramo

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This church is located in the very historic centre of Teramo and many believe it is the most beautiful of the town. It was built around the first half of the 16th century. Internally the church’s one-nave marks off six roofed-bays through a set of arches. At the right of the high altar and inside a Renaissance ædicula there are two statues in terracotta depicting the Madonna between Saint Anne and Saint Gioacchino. Frescos of the 15th century about Saint Domenico’s life have been recovered inside the church.


Also from the altar one can access the eighteenth-century chapel of the Madonna of the Rosary. Unfortunately, only a Gothic portal, the vault and prestigious double lancet windows are left of the chapel. The gravestone of Teramo’s Historic writer Francesco Savini is kept inside this chapel as well as a niche with a terracotta statue of Madonna with Child.


Teramo Turismo

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