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Teramo Turismo

Portale Cultural Heritage Churches St Anthony’s Church– Montorio al Vomano
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St Anthony’s Church– Montorio al Vomano

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Although the church’s groundwork is unknown, it is believed it was built before the Order of Friars Minor (i.e. before ‘500). It was first dedicated to Saint Francis then to Saint Anthony, after discovering one of his inscriptions on the door.

At its interior the church conserves a holy water stoup of the 16th century featuring aquatic animals on the basin and medallions of classic style at its base. There are also statues, a confessional and other seventeenth-century furniture.

More recent are the stained-glass windows representing Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Chiara. Two representations of the saint’s miracles can be seen on either side of the high altar: one about a female donkey kneeling in front of the Eucharist and the other about a dying Saint Anthony while is taken to Padua. Both works are by Ugo Sforza of Teramo.

Teramo Turismo

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