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Portale Cultural Heritage Churches Shrine of St Mary of the Angels – Mosciano Sant’Angelo
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Shrine of St Mary of the Angels – Mosciano Sant’Angelo

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The church was erected in the small hamlet of Convento, near Mosciano Sant’Angelo. It was dedicated to Saint Felicity’s sons, known as the seven Saint Brothers.


The church was built on a Gothic fanum (sacred place), prior to the monastery which was added only around the 9th century. At first the convent was under Montecassino’s jurisdiction and only later the Acquaviva’s Lords governed it. They restored the monastery and destined it to be the residence of the Order of the Friars Minor Observant.


 The edifice, as we see it today, is still the friars’ house. The old tower and the image of the Madonna del Casale are the only things left of the earliest church. A well-preserved structure of the convent is the one with the painted decorations of the cloister’s fanlights. One can appreciate the seventeenth-century wooden ceiling and the wooden statues of Madonna del Casale and Saint Reparata.


The Shrine can apply the Plenary Indulgence to those asking for forgiveness, as Assisi does. Every year on the 2nd of August, the population celebrate this event with deep devotion for the Madonna.

Teramo Turismo

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