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Shrine of Madonna of Holy Saturday (part of Saint Agnes’ Church)

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St Agnes’ Parish was once of modest dimensions; it was built on top of Roman ancient building vestiges, although documents date it back to 1227.

Its present exterior is the result of the sixteenth-century makeover and of the renovation works of the 19th century. During the makeover, workers from the Lombard School of Antonio da Lodi replaced the bell gable with the current Bell Tower. The façade is of the 19th century whereas the portal was inspired by the Palladian style.

At its interior, the church preserves Baroque altars in stucco and in marble and some paintings. Also interesting is the high relief in gilt wood of Madonna Majulana, known as Madonna of Holy Saturday, coming from the abbey of the same name. The church also keeps a fifteen-century statue in polychromatic terracotta called Our Lady of Graces and inspired by Silvestro dell’Acquila’s style. According to a folk-belief, in 1915 and in 1942 this statue was protagonist of two prodigies. In both cases, the Madonna’s eyes blinked in front of a small group of incredulous worshippers as if to predict the imminent war.

Teramo Turismo

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