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Saints Peter and Paulís Church

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Chiesa dei Ss. Pietro e Paolo
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The Parish of Fano Adriano was erected in 1355 on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. It features elegant forms of the sixteenth century. The portal looks impressive on the flat crowned faÁade complete of a big central oxeye. It is adorned with a fanlight of Castelli ceramic, representing Saints Peter and Paul. Francesco da Riccione from the School of Atri made it in 1693.

Internally the church is divided into three naves articulated in a series of round arches, frescoed with geometrical patterns and images of saints (1592). As for the sixteenth-century chapel on the left, these images have popular features.

The central nave presents a precious wooden ceiling coffered with rosette inserts. It dates back to 1608 although based on a Renaissance framework. There are canvases of the late Ď600 and Ď700 and an image of Saint Domenico, which clearly testifies the intense schooling by the Dominican Order around the 17th century.

The three wooden Baroque altars of Madonna of the Rosary, Saint Anthony of Padua and the high altar, all show combined motifs taken from the Renaissance and from Berniniís works. This is a typical aspect of Carlo Riccioniís style.

Finally, noteworthy is the polychrome pipe organ crafted by Adriano Fedri in 1756 and regarded as an absolute masterpiece of woodcarving in Teramo.

Teramo Turismo

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