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Testimonies of the Roman Ages have been dug up within the entire territory of this small municipality of the Monti della Laga.

Particularly relevant on a historical and archaeological level are the ruins of a temple structure dating from the 2nd-3rd century B.C, which have been dug up in the small village of Pagliaroli during the excavations of 1997, conducted by the Consorzio Aprutino, and financed by the Region and under the surveillance of the Soprintendenza Archeologica d’Abruzzo (regional board for archaeological conservation).

The discovery was made in 1970, when a fluted column was found during the construction works for the extension of a public building.

The excavations conducted during the 90's have allowed to discover the rests of the small Italic temple (11x14 m.), which was apparently built in two phases. It has a rectangular layout including a low podium, it is oriented towards East and topped with a moulded cornice and a vertical slabs facing.

The analysis of the materials lead to believe that the temple was attributed to Jupiter, whose name is carved into a small votive black varnished goblet. The most interesting element is certainly the fictile architectonic decoration of the temple which is characterised by illustrations linked to the mythological world. Various freehand moulded sculptures of extraordinary making decorated the top of the columen (main roof beam) and of the mutuli (longitudinal beams).

Of these decorations a warrior's head with helmet has been conserved and leads to believe that it was once part of the representation of a gigantomachy. Today it is conserved at the museum Museo archeologico di Chieti.

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