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Sfogliatelle Sfogliatelle 
Ingredient's name Quantity
6 tablespoons
300-400 gr.
2 tablespoons
assorted jams
500 gr.
minced plain chocolate
150 gr.
grated toasted almonds
150 gr.
minced citron
100 gr.
rum or cognac
1/2 cup

Like the pepatelli and the caggionetti, this is a typical Christmas time sweet

  • Directions

After having mixed the jam with the rest of the ingredients for the stuffing, pour the flour on a wooden slab and shape it into a fountain.

Add in the eggs, water, sugar and the tablespoons of lard and knead.

Divide the dough into 6 loaves and roll each one out into thin round sheet. Lay all the sheets upon one another after having smeared each one of them with lard. Roll them up and shape into a long 6-7 cm. wide cylinder.

Let it stand about an hour in the fridge or out.

With a warm knife, cut the dough into 1 cm. thick slices (the bottom of the slice, the warmest part as it has been last in contact with the knife must touch the wooden slab). With the rolling pin roll out the slice from the warmest part of the slice and away from the table.  

Lay a couple of tablespoons of stuffing and cover like a raviolo with the same sheet of dough

Press the contours together and bake in oven at a high heat for about 15 minutes (the dough must rise but not become golden)

Once baked sprinkle the pastries with icing sugar.

  • Ingredients for about 30 pastries:

For the dough: 6 eggs (replace 3 of the egg whites with the same amount of water), 6 full teaspoons of lard, 300 gr. lard, 300-400 gr. flour, 2 tablespoons sugar.

For the stuffing: about 500 gr. of possibly home-made assorted jams: sour cherry, apple, 150 gr. minced plain chocolate, 150 gr. ground toasted almonds, 100 gr. minced citron, cup rum or cognac.

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