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Caggionetti Caggionetti 
Ingredient's name Quantity
1 kg.
250 gr.
candied citron
100 gr.
grated plain chocolate
100 gr.
grated toasted almonds
200 gr.
grated lemon peel
1 peel
ground cinnamon
to taste
white wine
1 cup
1 cup
to taste

The Caggionetti ("caggiunitt" in local dialect) count among the most appreciated local sweets; they are typical of Christmas time.

  • Directions

Shell the chestnuts, boil and mash them up.
Pour the chestnut paste into a tureen and add the boiling honey, the sugar, the citron, the chocolate, the almonds, the rum, the grated lemon peel, the cinnamon and mix thoroughly.
Let it stand for about a day.
On the next day, prepare the dough for the caggionetto by adding a cup of white wine and one of oil.
Thinly roll out the dough and cut it into small ravioli forms.
Place the stuffing in the centre and close well.
Fry in abundant oil.

  • Ingredients:

1 kg. chestnuts, honey, 250 gr. sugar, 100 gr. candied citron cut into small pieces, 100 gr. grated plain chocolate, 200 gr. ground toasted almonds, rum, grated lemon peel, ground cinnamon to taste, 1 cup white wine, 1 cup oil, flour as much as necessary.

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