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Timballo di scrippelle

Timballo - Foto Maurizio Anselmi (TE) Timballo 
Ingredients for 6 servings
Ingredient's name Quantity
thick meat sauce
breaded artichokes (or spinach or peas)
scamorza cheese
eggs (for the crepes)
hard boiled eggs
as much as necessary
to taste

An elaborated and tasty first course, a must of the Teramo cooking tradition.

  • Directions

Lay the scripelle in an oven dish (that can be oiled or not) in a way that the bottom of it is covered and the scrippelle stick out on the sides. Spread a coat of the dressing obtained by mixing together the sauce, the artichokes, the diced scamorza, some dices of butter, small pieces of hard-boiled eggs and a handful of parmesan. You can brush each coat with a mix of beaten eggs, salt, parmesan and milk, depending on taste. Keep on laying coat after coat until you run out of ingredients. Crease the scrippelle sticking out back into the dish and cover the whole with other two scrippelle. Bake slowly in the pre-heated oven for about 20 min. (moderate heat)

  • Ingredients (for 6 servings): 

10 eggs for the preparation of the scrippelle (see the scrippelle ‘mbusse recipe), thick meat sauce (see the maccheroni alla chitarra recipe), fried breaded sliced artichokes (or spinach or green peas), 3 scamorze, 3 hard-boiled eggs cut into small pieces, butter to taste, about 80 gr. grated parmesan, salt to taste, milk to taste.

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