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Scrippelle 'mbusse

Foto Lattanzi Scrippelle 'mbusse 
Ingredients for 6 servings
Ingredient's name Quantity
2 tablespoons per egg
1 per person
beef brisket
300/400 gr.
lean beef
300/400 gr.
beef kneebone
turkey wing
1 bunch
1 stick
yellow carrot
parmesan rind
grated parmesan
to taste
to taste

The scripelle are a kind of thin “crepe” prepared with flour, eggs and water. The “mbussa” version, dipped in broth that is, is a typical recipe of the Teramo territory.

  • Directions:

Mix eggs with flour adding 1 cup of water per egg. Oil a frying pan (with oil or lard) and leave to drain for a while. Use a ladle to scoop the batter little by little in order to obtain thin “scripelle”, cook them on a low flame and leave them to cool. Once the “scripelle” are ready, prepare the broth by boiling together the beef meat, the lean, the bone, the turkey wing and the herbs for about two hours. Strain the broth. Roll the scripelle, lay them in the plates, pour the broth over and sprinkle parmesan(depending on taste). N.B: Milk can be used instead of water to prepare the batter.

  • Ingredients (for 6 servings) for the scrippelle:

1 egg per person and 2 level tablespoons flour per egg.

  • For the broth:

300/400gr. beef brisket, 300/400 gr. lean beef, beef kneebone, 1 turkey wing, 1 bunch parsley, 1 stick celery, ½ onion, 1 yellow carrot, a piece parmesan rind, salt to taste and grated parmesan (depending on taste).

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