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The luxuriant shady pine wood that stretches over 4 kilometres along the coast has given its name to Pineto, an important sea resort leaning on the hilly Teramo inland. 

This historical pine wood was first planted in 1926, when the Commandatore Luigi Filiani decided to have two thousand pine trees planted on the state-owned land he had received in concession in Villa Filiani, than part of the Municipality of Mutignano; the name was later changed to Pineto to celebrate the famous poem from D'annunzio “La pioggia nel pineto”.

In addition to the splendid pine wood, the clear sea and its 7 km long golden beaches, Pineto is also known for the tower Torre di Cerrano, an imposing fortified pyramidal structure that was built in the 16th century to defend the coast from the incursions of Slavs and Saracens.

Today the tower hosts a modern research centre Centro di Biologia marina and will also become  the seat of a marine park. The Parco Marino is under construction and will allow to admire the sea floor underneath the tower;  there lies an archaeological site the of great historical value including the remains of the ancient harbour of Atri.

The characteristic mediaeval village of Mutignano and the Parish Church of San Silvestro are also quite evocative.

Teramo Turismo

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