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Riding through the Twin Mounts

Difficolta' Quota massima
Media 1345 m. località Bifoni m.
Sviluppo Durata
40000 m. 06:00:00
Carta del Parco Gran Sasso-Laga, scala 1:50.000
Salita777 m. m.
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I Monti Gemelli
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This excursion ranges in the area of the Mount of Campli, horseshoe shaped and divided in two separate blocks: the Monticchio overlooking the town of Battaglia and Mount Foltrone, the highest peak of the group. They are separated by the deep “engraving” of the “Fosso Bianco”.


Starting from Colle Ginepro, go towards Rocche di Civitella. Beyond the fields of Pian Cerreto the “cart” forks. Go up on right and walk through a mixed woods of conifers and broadleaves.

After a hairpin bend, path leads to a beech forest  with the widespread presence of holly and floweringofthe underbrush, as primroses, grass  trinity (non sono sicura si traduca così) and cyclamens. Arrived in the small town of Battaglia, continue along the “ path of the squirrel”, where narcissuses, gentianellas, orchids and the “non ti scordar di me”(non socom si trad) bloom in spring. Here you can also admire a centuries-old tree, known as “the silver fir tree”.

Reaching the caves of S.Eremo and observing woods of beeches and conifers, you arrive to the Refuge of Eagles , in Acquachiara. From here, coming back you reach the necropolis of Campovalano or, going on to the intermediate  stop of Monte Fanum, you cross small town and villages with rural traditions and ancient churches like  the Church of Santa Maria Assunta  and the Church of Santa Barbara in Ioannella.

Through an unsurfaced path with trees you arrive to the Equestrian Centre of Monte Fanum.

Data sheet edited by: Diego Giannobile, Stefano Tassoni, Gianluigi Camillini and Lucio De Marcellis.

Information and / or equestrian Guide:
Country house "La Rocca Bourbon"

Tel. 0861.91590 - Fax 0861.91274
Equestrian Center of Mount Fanum "

Tel 0861.247394 - 338.9308868 - 340.3168472

Note: This route is currently not marked  with signs . The country house "La Rocca dei Borboni" provides horses and  personal health-care technicians.

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