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St Joseph’s Church – Teramo

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The façade of Saint Joseph’s Church was entirely compromised over the years. Although today it is closed to the public and available only for special catholic services, in the past rituals of different beliefs were celebrated in this old building. First by the Italics who were pagan, then by the Romans who worshiped Venus and finally, in the Middle Ages, by the Catholics who dedicated the church to Saint Peter and Saint Joseph.

Inside it conserves a tripartite altar clearly of Baroque style. It rises from a high pedestal with decorations painted in tempera. Four pillars rise above the pedestal: the central ones have a base finely carved with interlaced stems surmounted by a spiral column. The richly decorated composite capitals support the horizontal beams with jagged outlines of various dimensions.

Above the lintel there are two small round pediments surmounted by cheerful seated putti. The wood beam painted in tempera completes this artwork with two odd bas-relief painted caryatids on either side.

The altar is by the Polish artist Sebastiano Majewsky who lived in Teramo in the 17th century and realized some other works for the cathedral’s sacristy.

Teramo Turismo

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