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Notaresco was built around a castle belonging to Charles the Great's grandson, Lothario, and became an important centre in the Middle Ages thanks to the defensive complex called il Civitillo or Rocca del Civitillo, from which unfortunately very little remains today.

Unmissable is the Roman style Abbey di San Clemente al Vomano. According to the tradition it was commissioned in the 9th century by Ermengarda, daughter of Emperor Ludovico the II. It was restored in 1108.

The inside is divided into three naves and semicircular apses, and in the centre of the presbytery stands the oldest ciborium of Abruzzo (between 1136 and 1147). It has been wonderfully carved by Roberto di Ruggero, includes a square structure and lies on four small stone columns decorated with precious capitals. Stuccoes and fine interlacing figures embellish it. The altar that stands under it is also splendidly decorated. In the right nave stands a colourful wooden bust of Pope S.Clemente. In the left one the remains of interesting frescoes can still be admired.

On the outside the portal and the archivolt are also finely sculpted.

Finally, discovered in 1992, the archaeological area of Grasciano is worth a visit. Several remains of walls, probably belonging to a rural Roman settlement have been excavated. The most significant ruins are exposed in the Museo Civico “G.Romualdi”, that has been set up for this purpose.

Teramo Turismo

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