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"Lu Sand'Andonje"

The village towers above the Vomano and Piomba valleys. Already a colony of Hatria, it was inhabited in pre-Roman times by the Adriatic Sabines, that are responsible for the construction of a fortification on top of the neighbouring Monte Giove. Excavations have allowed to dig up the remains of the most important sanctuary ever built on high ground by these people in honour of Jupiter.

A feather in its cap is without any doubt the imposing 18-metres high tower of Montegualtieri; the peculiarity of this unique tower is due to its triangular shape. In the Middle Ages it was undoubtedly an indispensable structure for sighting and controlling the entire valley. Like the town that surrounds it, the tower owes its name to its proprietor, the Duke Gualtieri.

Being one of the most imposing within the historical centre the  palazzo Tartagliozzi is worth seeing and so are the palazzo ex Santoro in remote Palladian style and the “case accessorie” annexed to the Castle De Sterlich, which is currently being restored to become a cultural centre and a museum.

The Parish Church, reconstructed in the late 1700, has conserved some 18th-century paintings from Giuseppe Prepositi. The Church of  Sant’Eustachio;dates back to 1678 and has a beautifully carved oak-wood altar and 17th-century paintings.

Teramo Turismo

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