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In the heart of the hilly lands of  Teramo, the little town of Campli enshrines many treasures. History and culture, tradition and religious worship merge together in this enchanting town of unique artistic interest.

Excavated remains of a necropolis  near Campovalano testify that it has been inhabited ever since pre-Roman times. During Middle Ages, under the dominion of the Farnese, the most flourishing period ever for this little town, Campli  became the meeting point for various painters and artists coming from schools like the ones of Giotto and Raffaelo. They have left behind masterpieces that still enrich the main monuments of the historical centre and of the neighbouring villages: the splendid Cathedral of Santa Maria in Platea (14th century), the Church of San Francesco with adjoining convent (seat of the archaeological Museum), the 15th-century Convent of San Berardino and the Church dedicated to the Madonna della Misericordia.

The Church of San Paolo has great artistic and religious value due to the adjoining  Scala Santa, that was named so in 1772 when it became a custom to grant plenary indulgence to those who went up the twenty eight steps of hard oak on their knees and with bowed head. A series of six fascinating symbolic paintings accompany the “penitents” along the path of their atonement; three on the right and three on the left illustrate the most touching moments of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

The historical centre of Campli offers also valuable examples of civil mediaeval and Renaissance style architecture, starting with the Casa del Medico and the Casa del Farmacista (respectively the Doctor's and the Chemist's Houses), the stately Palazzo Parlamentare and the Palazzo Farnese with its characteristic three-openings mullioned windows and round arches that form a beautiful colonnade.

In Nocella it is possible to admire the 14th century Torre dei Signori di Melatino, while in Castelnuovo the visitor will find the Porta Orientale, the oriental gate, which belonged to medieval fortifications of Campli and next to it a 14th century church and bell tower.

Teramo Turismo

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