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Water research centre

Tipologia: Natural history
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Centro per le acque
Direttore: Referente: Pino Furia Indirizzo: San Pietro di Isola del Gran Sasso - Isola del Gran Sasso - 64045
Reservation: +39.0861-976070

It is the first Water Research Centre in Italy.

The rooms are set up with most innovative didactic tools and aids of modern museology, that illustrate through pictures and multimedia experiences all the different scientific and cultural aspects of the cycle of water.

The learning path to the museum includes the following sections:

  • water and mountains
  • water and energy
  • water and rock
  • water and exploration
  • water and men's work
  • water and technology
  • water between worship, poetry and myth

The centre of S.Pietro does not only aim at promoting a didactic activity capable of stimulating a reflexion on the irreplaceable value of this resource, but it also represents a reference for the Parco Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga for research, study and observation of the waters coming from different ecosystems.

The museum is also equipped with a special path for visitors with visual impairment, which runs outside the museum through the woods and stretches over a kilometre.

News form the website Parco del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga


  • Guided tours
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