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Sant'Angelo Cave Museum

Tipologia: Archaeology, Art, Ethnografical
Director: _ Address: Ripe di Civitella - Civitella del Tronto - Civitella del Tronto - 64010

The museum consists of different sections: one was set up inside a cave near to the actual Grotta S.Angelo in Ripe di Civitella del Tronto and includes a prehistoric hut reconstructed inside the Centro Visite del Parco of Ripe di Civitella and a further section, the Antiquarium of Castel Manfrino was set up inside the Centro visite of Macchia da Sole.

Grotta S.Angelo, the most important natural cave present on the Montagna dei Fiori, is well known to archaeologists for the interesting finds that date back to the Neolithic and to the Bronze ages. After a long period of abandon, thanks to the common actions of the Park, the Soprintendenza Archeologica d'Abruzzo and the University of Pisa, it has once again become a precious symbol of Italian Prehistory.

Inside, a series of explicative panels guide the visitors along a path that takes them through the cave. It is possible to get some hard hats equipped with head-lights in order to see correctly once inside the cave.

The museum inside the cave is linked to the Centro Visite of Ripe di Civitella, standing about one hundred metres away. Here a faithful prehistoric hut has been reconstructed and will be used as a laboratory dedicated to the knowledge and study of antique ceramic.

Once boarder between the Papal States and the Kingdom of Naples, this territory has great historical importance, that is why the archaeological testimonies of King Manfredi di Svevia are exposed inside the Centro visite of Macchia da Sole.

The Antiquarium showcases preserve ceramic and bronze items, while suggestive photographic panels hanging on the walls illustrate the most representative aspects of the archaeological area and the main historical events they are linked to.

Starting just outside the Antiquarium a path equipped with numerous explicative panels, leads to the ruins of the castle which dominates the entire Salinello valley.

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