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Portale Cultural Heritage Museums Research Centre of Historiography “Museum of Antique Weapons”
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Research Centre of Historiography “Museum of Antique Weapons”

Tipologia: Historical
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The Museum
Direttore: Presidente CRST - Nino Torquati Indirizzo: S.S. 16 Adriatica, 39 - Martinsicuro - Martinsicuro - 64010
Phone: +39.0861.1994489
Mobile: +39.340.5165015

The collection is exhibited inside an ancient residence built on Roman style foundations.

In the courtyard various antiques can be admired, among which motor vehicles and period carriages: the 1820 carriage, which lead Giuseppe Garibaldi from Pianella (Pescara) to Castelfidardo and the Fiat “Ballila” red cross van used to carry those wounded during the bomb attack of 1943 to the Hospital of Nereto.

Inside two of the rooms a collection of weapons and relics has been exposed. In the centre of the first room stands the most important item: an extremely rare 15th century “culverin” equipped with breech and bearing the papal stamp, a weapon used on top of the watchtowers built along the coast.

There are also 17th -century pistols, modified weapons, firestone guns, cylinder guns, air guns, secret weapons (canes that transform into weapons), a series of sabres dating from 1200 to 1800, military decorations and uniforms, medals and texts about military criminology.

Inside a showcase lies a pilot helmet that once belonged to the poet and writer Gabriele D'Annunzio.

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