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National Archeological Museum of Abruzzo - Campli

Tipologia: Archaeology, Historical
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Tomba n. 2
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Director: Glauco Angeletti Address: Piazza San Francesco 1 - Campli - 64012
Phone: +39.0861.569158
Fax: 0861.560643

The National Archeological Museum of Campli is directly connected to the nearby necropolis of Campovalano that has given us, after almost 40 years of research, 610 iron age Romanization burial sites (9th and 3rd century b.c.)

The exposition, with the help of graphical  and environmental reconstructions, illustrates the evolution of the funeral ritual in a Pretuzia ethnicity within a much larger context of Picenian culture.

The more ancient funeral monuments (Oriental age) are characterized by large mounds with rock circles similar to those of the marchigiana era and a princely decoration of objects like weapons, bronze pots (from the Etruscan tradition) and also the presence of a war chariot or parade chariot.
In the female  tombs  we find of note the extraordinary dowry of bronze buckles and various other prized jewelry.
From the Archaic era up until the era of Crisis (4th-3rd century b.c.) we can see a gradual diminishing in the burial dowry's richness and all the signs of a gradual transformation into the classic-roman culture are there.


The Exposition:

  • Geology and Zoo-Archeology section and everyday life in the Bronze Age
  • The First Burials in Campovalano (10th -9th century b.c.)
  • The Signs of Wealth: A golden age, the tomb of a king (tomb number 69)
  • The Sons of Aristocracy: A young prince (164); The method and the Rite of Burial (122)
  • Reconstruction of Tomb number 2: The tomb of a King
  • Social Differences: The Middle class (84); Princely possessions (115)
  • Aspects of feminine life: The dowry of a Mother (201)
  • A rich teenager (127); the burial of a Child (214)
  • The Era of Crisis (the Greek age 5th - 4th b.c.): The last Proof
  • Anthropological Section: Learning from skeletons; Dental Anthropology; Disease
  • Expositions being updated: Luxury between women Tomb 319; A Rich Lady; Tomb 604: A young princess.
  • Disabled access
  • Guided tours
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9.00-20.00 (closed on mondays)
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