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Museum of Tossicia. Artisan work-Art-Communication

Tipologia: Biographic, Ethnografical, Industrial
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Direttore: Giuliano Di Gaetano Indirizzo: Palazzo Marchesale - Tossicia - Tossicia - 64049

Situated in the Palazzo Marchesale, the Museum was created to collect and put on display scenes of material culture and history of the “people of the Gran Sasso”.
On display you'll find tools, objects and information on the main artisan occupations of the Valle Siciliana: copper containers from Chiarino, objects in wood and rock, products of sewing and those connected to grain and food habits of the area.

Inside the museum it's possible to visit the permanent display of the naif painter Annunziata Scipione. The characters and the scenes that are part of her paintings come directly from the scenery of the Valle Siciliana, observed and described by the artist who grew up in the small village of Azzinano.
The paintings, conserved today in the Museo nazionale del naif according to the will of Cesare Zavattini, are the sensible rappresentation of the song and the color of the millennium of culture of the “people” of the Gran Sasso.
Also present is an archive of visual anthropology.

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Summertime (1th July - 14 September)
10.00-13.00 / 16.00-19.00) Closed on Mondays
Wintertime (15 September - 30 June)
09.00-13.00 (Closed on Sundays)
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€ 2.00
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