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Museum of Astronomy of the Astronomical observatory of Collunaria

Tipologia: Scientific
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Astronomical Observatory
Director: Arch. Lucio Pacinelli Address: Via Mentore Maggini, Teramo - - 64100
Phone: +39 0861 210490
Fax: 0861-210492

The museum is set up inside the astronomical observatory of Collunaria and gathers historical instruments that have been used through time at the institute.

The material has been restored and classified in order to be used, exposed and explained through a didactic and expositive process which illustrates the evolution of astronomy and astrophysics.


  • Multimedia activities
  •  Tours upon reservation
  • Internet website:
  • On-line Catalogue (descriptions of the instruments)
  • Presentation of the instruments of major technical and scientific interest
  • Section dedicated to the interactive popularization (under construction)
  • Guided tours:

The tours are guided by expert staff and are aimed at creating a direct connection with students and citizens allowing us to really popularize astrophysics and the research activities that are conducted at the Observatory.

Tours last about an hour and half and are organized as follows:

  • Daytime tours:

· Visit to the museum including explanations regarding the collection and the historic and modern instrumentation.

· Tour of the telescopes and introduction of research activities.

· Short presentation of scientific activities conducted at the institute and purposes.

· Optional lection on astrophysics with multimedia material backup.

· The tours are organized for schools and groups.

  • Evening tours:

· Observation of celestial objects through the “Cooke” refracting telescope.

· General introduction to the activities conducted at the institute and informal exchange between astronomer and visitors.

· Reservations for individuals or groups (maximum 20 people) are possible once a month, usually during the waxing moon's first quarter. Reservation and confirmation are obligatory.

Tours are free and can be booked by phone (from 8:30 to 14:00) or by email.


  • Multimedia interaction
  • Guided tours
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