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Marine Museum

Tipologia: Historical, Transport
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esposizione di nodi marinari
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Director: Prof. Giampaolo Franzoni Address: Via Nazionale nord 1, Tortoreto - Tortoreto - 64019
Phone: +39.0861.789180
Mobile: +39.3891199321
Fax: 0861.789180


The Museum was created in 1998, it is curated by the “Colligere” Association, and the 150 m2 exhibition consists mostly of materials donated by the local population.

Walking through the three rooms, the visitor can admire naturalistic materials (seashell collections, fishes in aquariums, fossils and corals, boat models and embalmed sea animals) as well as traditional fishing instruments such as fishing clothes or the typical “nasse”, a net fish cage used to catch sepias.

A “Lampara”, a boat equipped with lamps to attract fish at night, can also be admired.

Next to the museum stands a library and a computer room equipped with internet access.

Opening hours and tickets
Periodo Orario
Working days
15.00-19.00 (on booking)
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