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Ceramics Museum of Castelli

Tipologia: Art
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Museo delle Ceramiche di Castelli
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Direttore: Dott. Giovanni Giacomini Indirizzo: Via Salita Paradiso, Castelli - Castelli - 64041
Phone: +39.0861-979398


The museum is set up inside the Franciscan Convent of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli and gathers numerous works ranging from the late Middle Ages to modern times, mainly donated by the people of Castelli.

Exhibited in antique rooms, these wonderful items were executed by artists belonging to some of the notorious families of Castelli such as the Grue, the Gentili, the Cappelletti and the Fuina.

The exposition retraces the entire prestigious history of the majolica of Castelli, starting with the splendid vases used by chemists belonging to a special typology called “Orsini Colonna”, which today are exhibited in some of the most important museums throughout the world . Among those treasures the Madonna feeding the Child of Orazio Pompei (16th century) is not to be missed.

The archaeological section is on the ground floor.

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