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Archaeological Museum Torrione “Il Bianco”

Tipologia: Archaeology
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Il Torrione
Direttore: _ Indirizzo: Via del Popolo, ang. Via Acquaviva - Giulianova - 64021
Phone: +39.085.8021215
Fax: 085.8021215

Among all the towers remaining from the ancient defensive walls, which Giuliantonio Acquaviva had built around the town during the Renaissance, the Torrione “Il Bianco” has been best preserved.

It was built during a period of great humanistic enthusiasm and therefore represents an ideal place to link memories and testimonies of the remote history of Giulianova to the task of conserving and enhancing their value for the sake of modern generations. The “sezione archeologica dei musei civici cittadini”, the archaeological section of the municipal museums, has its seat inside the tower. These museums have been set up to exhibit valuable testimonies of Roman Ages that have been excavated within the area.

The course of the exhibition allows to admire precious amphoras found within the Mediterranean basin, decorated oil lamps and various objects, that were excavated in a neighbouring necropolis.

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From Monday to friday: 9.00-12.00 / 15.30-18.00
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From Wednesday to Sunday: 21.00-23.00
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