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Portale Cultural Heritage Churches St Flaviano’s Dome – Giulianova
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St Flaviano’s Dome – Giulianova

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The dome rises in the historical centre of Giulianova old town. Its building started the decade between 1472 and 1481, along with those of the most important town’s infrastructures (the walls, the Doge’s Palace and the main streets). The architect who almost certainly was Franceso Di Giorgio Martini, also known as Renaissance treatise-writer, directed in person the building of the crypt.

The edifice was finished in the early 16th century following a different project from the original one. In fact, the dome designed by Martini had a cloister vault with a lanced slightly pointed, whereas the existing one displays a circular wall - tambour - supporting the cupola.

The rest of the building is similar to the original project although it required an adjustment of the measurements and the proportions. So for example, the windows had to be enlarged to enhance the light inside the church, hence destroying the suggestive chiaroscuro impression wanted by Martini; the cupola was lowered although an attempt to be faithful to the original dimensions is visible in the raised cross above small lantern.

Inside the church is very suggestive, with its classic and clean outlines and its supply of light coming down from the small lantern.

The crypt’s roof is complex and interesting at the same time for the way the eight pillars are connected among them, for its umbrella vault and the circular cross vaults of the outer ring.

This building used to have an important reference role within the town’s everyday life; in fact, its dome was originally plastered with green and sky-blue majolica tiles, which were visible also from the sea.

Teramo Turismo

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