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Sito ufficiale della Provincia di Teramo

Teramo Turismo

Portale Cultural Heritage Churches St Anthony’s Church – Teramo
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St Anthony’s Church – Teramo

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St Anthony’s Church, previously of Saint Francis, was built in 1227. A hundred years later it was largely developed and restored. Initially there was only one nave with big dividing arches to connect either side of the building. Then a small Baroque church was built inside and this spoiled its typical simplicity. On the upper part of the main building, you can see big openings made precisely to bring in the light for the smaller church. For this purpose an imposing ledge adorning the walls was removed and today few remains are still visible by the bell tower.


The façade presents a twin portal of Saint Francis’s Church in Campli: well preserved, elegantly adorned in stone with capitals oddly standing out.

Teramo Turismo

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