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Teramo Turismo

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Church of St Mary of the Angels

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The church is better known as ‘Scopa’, a name taken from the broom that the Confraternity of the Angels (or Laudi) used for self-flagellation.

The tradition tells that Roberto D’Angió founded it in 1330.

The church’s interior consists of one nave with a wood-trussed roof. Its façade is plain and smaller (if compared to the wall at the other end of the building). It presents an austere portal framed with bare travertine whereas the lintel leans on brackets, decorated with a sphere and a leaf according to Civitella’s own style. The bricks underneath the entablature are decorated with red and white lozenges.

Internally, on the left-hand side, one can see few remains of the elegant polychromatic Renaissance decoration, right below the modern plastering. A wooden Jesus deposed from the Cross can be seen mounted on the right-hand sidewall, by the altar. It is a modern artefact and because of his grave appearance, many attribute it to German art or believe it was influenced by it.

On the platform above the entrance, there is a neoclassic-style decorated pipe organ.

Teramo Turismo

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