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Nature and Protected areas

The Natural Reserve of Calanchi di Atri.

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I Calanchi

The Reserve welcomes one of the most fascinating forms in the hilly Teramo landscape:i “calanchi” the real and true “natural architecture” also named “bolge” o “scrimoni”.


The severe and imposing aspect of these geologic formations derive from the erosion of the clayey ground, provoked by deforestation trails and favoured by the continuous scorching and scouring that make the numerous sea fossils visible .

The plant and wildlife are particularly rich assets. They extend from the numerous kinds of diurnal and mammalian birds of prey, to the marvellous woods of white willows, poplars, and so on.

Founded in 1995, the Calanchis Reserve of Atri extends to around 380 hectares and, from 1999, it is also a  Oasi WWF.

Information on the Reserve  

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