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Nature and Protected areas

The Castel Cerreto Natural Reserve

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La riserva di Castel Cerreto


Created in 1991, the Reserve is situated in the town of Penna Sant'Andrea and unfolds itself through series of adjoining paths, with resting points providing descriptions of the arboreal species.

Some of these lead to probably the most important area of the reserve, where a pond and a centuries old Turkey Oak can be found.

Among the trees in the Reserve, we naturally remember besides the Turkey Oak, the Black Hornbeam, the rural Maple and the Cockchafer.


The presence of ponds provide favourable growth of the Willow (white or basket-willow), the white Poplar of the grassy kind and the Cattail or Swamp Reed.


The fauna is instead the "classical" one, of the hilly environment. Among the birds here are the long Tailed Tit, the Blue Tit, the Green Woodpecker and the Nuthatch Woodpecker . And it is not rare "to meet" among the bushes the Wren, the small Luž bird, the Nightingale and the Blackbird. Among the birds of prey, the Buzzard, the Sparrow hawk and the Kestrel and finally the nocturnal kinds; the Owl, the Horn Howl and the Owlet.


Inside the Reserve, also to be found is a Guesthouse (with kitchen and 10 places to sleep), and a Centre of environmental (Green Classroom) Education. Accommodating and welcoming around 30 people it comes with computer, video projector and maxi screen. Finds from the wood, microscopes, enlargers, viewers, maps, compasses, altimeters and satellite navigators, turn the Green classroom into a true experimental laboratory.


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