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Mountain Biking

Riding along the kingdom's borders: from Teramo to te Laga Mountains

Roadster route

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Leaving Teramo behind you, follow the Piceno Aprutina, State road 81, towards Ascoli Piceno. At the suburb of Traversa ou will be entering the comunity of Campli (8,1 km from starting point), ride through the plain of Campovalano where the important proto-historic necropolis of Campovalano stands. You will than follow the direction of Rocche di Civitella, passing very close to the imposing Bourbon fortress of Civitella del Tronto which stands on the edge of what was until the unity of Italy the kingdom of the two Sicilies.

Leave the Piceno Aprutina at Piano Risteccio and start climbing up towards San Giacomo (1105 m.) one of the ski resorts of the Teramo Province, on the border between Abruzzo and the Marche. A visit to the caciare, antique stone huts used by shepherds in the past, is certainly worthwhile (those of the hamlet of “Le tre Caciare” are still in very good state).

A short downhill slope will take you from San Giacomo along the north slope of the Laga chain through the village of San Vito and flanking the artificial lake of Talvacchia to Valle Catellana, head of a comunity most of which is part of the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga.

From this point two itineraries are possible: a shorter and flatter itinerary will take you to the villages of Pascellata and Paranesi, the other leads to the Ceppo (1334 m.) a village renowned for its delicious porcini mushrooms. The road leading to the Ceppo runs by or through a chestnut grove. The first part of the route includes short 10% stretches.

A long panoramic downhill slope will take you back from the Ceppo to Teramo.


  • Note: It is suggested to follow the route anticlockwise. We also recommend you use a bicycle with low gears to face the long and steep uphill stretch between Piano Risteccio and San Giacomo as well as further stretches between Valle Castellana and Morrice. We always recommend you use a helmet, wear the adequate seasonal clothes and bring along a tire repair kit.
  • Itinerary: Teramo, La Traversa, Campovalano, Rocche di Civitella, Piano Risteccio, Ripe di Civitella, San Giacomo, San Vito, Cesano, Vignatico, Valle Castellana (at this point it is possible to cut short by heading towards Pascellata and meet the main route again near Paranesi ), Morrice, Pietralta, Ceppo, Paranesi, Rocca Imposta (also named Rocca Santa Maria), Cona Faiete, Santo Stefano, Torricella Sicura, Teramo.

  • Technical information by di Lucio De Marcellis, Gianluigi Camillini e Vittorio Crocetti.

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