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Monti della Laga Itineraries

From Ceppo to Pizzo di Moscio

Mappa IGM, Descrizione tecnica dell'itinerario
Difficolta' Quota massima
Escursionistico 2411 m.
Sviluppo Durata
7800 m. 06:30:00
Salita1036 m.
Discesa1036 m.
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lago dell'orso - winter time

From Ceppo you must take the dirt road that climbs upwards on the right, on foot since itís not possible to drive on it (remember this road leads to the Morricana falls). After a few kilometres of light uphill walking, you reach the clearing of Orso Lake (1800 mt.). From this vantage point itís possible to admire the entire Laga mountain chain, and especially the peak of Monte Gorzano on the left. Once you leave the clearing of Orso Lake, continue along the path that accompanies Bosco della Martese on the left (the path is that of the Martese Loop). After a few kilometres, once you leave the path, you start to climb to the left towards Pizzo di Moscio. This is the most difficult part of the itinerary that climbs the not-too-steep south-eastern ridge up until the peak (2411 mt.)

The excursion starts from the village of Ceppo (1334 mt) in the township of Rocca Santa Maria. Once at the main square, enter the forest, on the road that goes towards the campsite (remember that the gravel road on the right goes to the Morricana falls). From here, follow the signs and take the Sentiero Italia path that rapidly climbs into the forest on the right. On this path you can follow the dirt road that goes to Orso Lake (1781 mt.). Take a break at the Rifugio and then follow the long but panoramic ridge that climbs up till La Storna and then steeply to the peak of Pizzo di Moscio (2411 mt.). From here you can view beautiful panoramas of the Laga, Gran Sasso, Gemelli and Sibillini mountains. The return trip follows the same route.

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