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Monti della Laga Itineraries

From Ceppo to the Morricana Falls

Mappa IGM, Descrizione tecnica dell'itinerario
Difficolta' Quota massima
Escursionistico 1550 cascate della morricana m.
Sviluppo Durata
7800 m. 04:40:00
Salita442 m.
Discesa26 m.
Totale468 m.

From Ceppo take the road that enters the forest in front of the “Julia” hotel. After about 800 meters, right after the campsite, there’s an intersection. Leave your car here (1364 mt.).

You can start on the road that goes right and crosses Bosco Martese. After about 5 kilometres, when you are close enough to the valley’s bottom, a marked and steep gravel path descends to the right. Leave the road and take the gravel path that descends to torrente Castellano.

Cross the torrent and then turn left, in the underbrush. The path is not very clear at first, but it gets more and more evident as you continue. Follow it as it slowly climbs the left side of the valley until it meets, after a long flat plain, another path that comes from below. Turn right and follow it until you exit a large grassy clearing (called “la Piana”). Follow the path through the grass, cross a small torrent, climb back up on the right of the torrent and then cross it again, at the point where it enters in the forest area. The path will gradually climb, then cross the mountainside and exit the forest.

After crossing a crevice (1756 mt.) you continue diagonally towards the valley and you cross Fosso Cannavine (a beautiful waterfall, about 100 meters lower) reaching the other side of the valley (Stazzi della Morricana con casaletto). From this point, if you keep on the right side of the valley, you can reach or view several different waterfalls that originate from the 2 parts of the Fosso della Morricana. From the fold in the rock, you enter the forest below, keeping preferably to the left (the right side if very steep). When the terrain become much less steep it’s best to change and keep to the right, and descend the path in between the leaves and finally turn right, where the path descends to the Castellano torrent below (1580 mt).

Avoid descending the pit before or after because the terrain is very steep. Now you can see the great Morricana Falls.

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