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The Good Hiker's manual
Useful information about going in the mountains
  The 10 golden rules for any hiker: The mountain must never be underestimated. Always do things ...
  The signs along the Gran Sasso paths are made up of signposts and horizontal markings. The wooden signs, 55 x 15 cm in size, are attached to posts about ...
Massiccio del Gran Sasso: CAI "Gran Sasso d'Italia" carta dei sentieri - scala 1:25.000  - edizioni Selca. Monti della Laga: CAI "Monti della Laga" ...
For further information about excursion itineraries and climbing and ski mountaineering trails see also: Libri sul Gran Sasso d'Italia: F. Antonioli, S. ...
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Club Alpino Italiano - sezione di Teramo Club Alpino Italiano - sezione di Castelli ...
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