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Didactic Museum of Mediaeval and Renaissance musical instruments

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Museo didattico degli strumenti musicali medioevali e rinascimentali
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Director: Giampiero Catelli Address: Piazza Duchi D'Acquaviva, Atri - Atri - 64032
Phone: +39.085.87721
Mobile: +39.3404613027
Fax: 085-87721

The Museum was inaugurated in 2000 and is made of four rooms where 54 reconstructions of period instruments ranging from the 8th to the late 16th century are exhibited; the mediaeval instruments were reconstructed according to iconographical sources while the Renaissance ones are copies of originals.

The instruments are exposed by category: string instruments (notice the antique monochord which according to the legend was invented by Pythagoras), percussions, wind instruments and reeds. Among the last category the Cornetto and the Ciamarelle, types of popular oboes that traditionally accompany the Zampogna, particularly stand out.

The museum is equipped with multimedia devices allowing to listen to the instruments and to watch videos of their reconstruction.


Booking for guided tours: Cooperativa “Il filo di Arianna” (Tel./fax 085-87721).

  • Disabled access
  • Multimedia interaction
  • Didactic workshops
  • Guided tours
Opening hours and tickets
Periodo Orario
10.00-13.00 (Wednesday-Saturday)
Closed on Mondays (in summertime also on Sundays
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Reduced price
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