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St Francisí Church

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Chiesa di San Francesco
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The church was founded first in the 14th century when Roberto díAngiů was reining. It still presents part of the ancient wall with its regular recurring motifs of juxtaposed dry-stone square blocks. The building of the 18th century was erected on top of it.

The faÁade in Romanesque style comprises a stone portal and a beautiful fourteenth-century rose window, with a stone-carved ledge according to the tradition started with Saint Francisí Church in Campli.

The church has just one nave, later modified to reflect the Baroque influence. It conserves a remarkable 15th century walnut choir, with small spiral columns. Behind the existing presbytery, there is the original squared apse. A cross-ribbed vault in the Gothic style makes it accessible, as the one in Saint Francisí Church in Campli.

Teramo Turismo

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