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St Augustine's Church – Atri

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The church was first erected in the early 14th century and dedicated to Saint Augustine. In 1363 it was rebuilt and called Saints Giacomo and Catherine Church. It was only later, over the centuries that it regained its original name. The brick faηade has a beautiful Gothic Renaissance portal built in by Matteo da Napoli in 1420.


The keel arch above the capitals presents two statues, one of Saint Catherine and the other of a saint monk; whereas the Eternal Father is higher up and below him Saint Augustine at his chair.


A feature of the portal is the snail that Matteo himself carved out to remind him of the nickname the Arians (followers of Arius also known as Nestorian Christians) gave him for his ‘snail's pace’ at work. (Ciammaica in dialect means snail).


Inside the church has a one-nave ground plan and preserves the fresco by Andrea De Litio dedicated to the ‘Madonna of Mercy’. The bell tower reminds of the one of Saint Mary of the Assumption Cathedral, although it is smaller.


The church that is no longer consecrated has been restored and converted to Auditorium.

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