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Abbey of Saint Mary of Propezzano

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S. Maria di Propezzano
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The building compound of Saint Mary of Propezzano was erected on the very spot where, according to the tradition, the Madonna appeared in 715. Since then and during the Middle Ages the church dedicated to ‘Saint Mary propitia pauperis’ and its attached monastery represent a point of reference for those pilgrims travelling towards the Holy Land through the Adriatic way.

The Gothic and the Romanesque styles are mixed up in the architectonic framework of building. By the front porch, there is the majestic Holy Door, by Raimondo del Poggio from School of Atri (circa 1315).

The façade is a composition of three parts different in height. The one on the right is also part of the convent, while the central one presents the three-arched porch. Under the three-arches there is the portal and the remains of fifteenth-century frescos; above the portal, there is an oxeye window and further up a sober rose window. The portal known as Holy Door is on the right and it opens only on May 10th and on Ascension Day. The quadrangular bell tower is right behind it.

The church’s interior consists of three naves divided by round arches and presents the remains of fifteenth-century frescos. Inside the convent – not always open to the public- there is a two-storey quadrangular cloister of the 16th century with a feature well at its centre. The Polish artist Sebastiano Majewski frescoed the cloister’s fanlights whereas the refectory’s sixteenth-century frescos tell legendary stories about the foundation of the church.

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