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Mountain Biking

At the base of the Gran Sasso

Difficolta' Quota massima
Media la Laghetta 1600 m. m.
Sviluppo Durata
16.0 m. 02:30:00
Salitam. 200 m.
Discesam. 1200 m.
CiclabilitàTipo di fondo
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Mountan Bike
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From Prati di Tivo, you go along the road that brings you from Piazzale Amarocchi towards Cima Alta, which starts off as asphalt but then turns to a dirt road.

Once you arrive in the La Laghetta area, where the road ends, turn left and soon after thereís a guardrail that blocks the road. Go around it and follow an evident dirt path. Youíll have to go past another post blocking the road and once you arrive at the first hairpin turn, keep to the right.

Here thereís a less evident dirt road with some hairpin turns that bring you to the Rifugio del Montanino. Follow the CAI indications (signposts) thatíll bring you on a path, going downhill and diagonally on the mountainside. At this point the path becomes a mule trail, steep and with no downhill protection, that continues to descend towards Forca di Valle.

Youíll cross a field, marked by off-road vehicle tracks, until a steep path on the left that descends to Forca di Valle. Once you reach the village, on the left there are signs that indicate the way to Tossicia.


Note: the trail is often traveled by tourists on horseback, that usually travel the opposite way. Itís very important to be careful and give the right of way. The trail can also be done by leaving from Teramo or Montorio al Vomano by choosing the road to Prati di Tivo or the asphalted road, or even still climbing up from Cusciano until the Laghetta by off road path.

We always recommend you use a helmet, wear the adequate seasonal clothes and bring along a tire repair and First Aid kit. Bring a cell phone along and call 115 or 118 in case of serious accidents.

Best period to bike: from the end of May to the end of September

Authors: Lucio De Marcellis e Gianluigi Camillini

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